We don’t follow the crowd.

Dogwood Commercial is a different kind of commercial real estate company. We have created our own proven strategy to success through unconventional but disciplined experience.

Who We Are

Experts in repositioning “broken” commercial assets.

We own assets as well as manage them for others. Sitting in the owner’s seat has made us the best at the work we do because we know what it means to have skin in the game. We have built our systems in order to be the best stewards of our owner’s resources and are committed to achieving the best returns for our clients and investors. Our team skillfully identifies opportunities in the market that others do not have the capacity to execute upon.

Our fully vertically integrated supply chain of brokerage, property management and construction management allows us to provide an incredibly efficient execution model that is unmatched in the market.

The Dogwood Commercial Vision

We create, grow, and maintain relationships, while acting with integrity, to provide timely and effective solutions to our client’s needs.

Our Values

Quality & Integrity
Insightful & Self-aware
Preparation & Execution
Proactive & Responsive
Fun & Efficient
Creative, Adaptive, Positive
Continuous Improvement

Our Team

We have built a vetted team of experts who create value in this industry where others can’t.

Our executive team has been operating together since 2015. Each one brings substantial experience in the commercial real estate market to the company, from office space to flex assets. We unite our particular knowledge of every vertical to create amazing investment opportunities for our stakeholders.

Why We're Different

  • High level of integrity at every level of our business
  • Established relationships with our vendors and partners
  • Expertise in how to utilize resources to create above-average value with key assets
  • Proactive, innovative, and results-oriented approach
  • Surgical precision in budgeting
  • Unique approach to construction management that ensures efficiency and staying on budget
  • Detailed monthly reporting for transparency